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Part Details JP0295

Part Details JP0295

JP0295 - JBP 2.4L LD9 Performance Camshafts
Price: [$768.9 (US$730.46)]
Perhaps one of our best attributes is our camshaft design and manufacturing. Our successful LD9 camshafts which have been dyno proven to add an additional 22WHP have been improved. JBP now has added roll-radius edges for beneficial lifter tolerance and balance durinig rotation of the bucket lifter. This machining technique which can only be performed by hand adds a perform edge that none of the large camshaft manufacturer perform due to a "quick in and out regrind" mentality that they follow. Also, if you notice the lobes are not shiny. A special treatment is added for anti-scuffing, a technique only available through JBP. Who knows the Jbody better than JbodyPerformance? Our grind values have also changed to accomodate porting and polishing techniques and match high fluid velocity numbers. ALL our camshafts come with a limited 5-year warranty from any manufacturing defects or design flaws. Guaranteed performance, our cams are meticulously designed and perfected.

Stage 1 2.4L LD9

Duration @ .050*, Valve Lift INTAKE 200*, 375 EXHAUST 208*, 375

Stage 2 2.4L LD9

Duration @ .050*, Valve Lift INTAKE 260*, 377 EXHAUST 268*, 375


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