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Part Details JP0669

Part Details JP0669

JP0669 - JBP High Revolution Valve Springs for 2.4L LD9
Price: [$361.9 (US$351.04)]
The only aftermarket valve spring on the market for the LD9 and JBPs got it. We're lighting up the market and making the competition sweat with all our in new valvetrain products. Our High Revolution Valve springs for the 2.4L DOHC LD9 have 10# greater pressure at regular installed height and 65# greater pressure at max lift. Also, our choice of material is a high-strength steel with a larger diameter wind for even more strength and stability. Our springs are made to slam your valves closed in combination with our now famous Stage 2 LD9 Camshafts, these are the perfect addition for our cam installs and a high reving modified engine. Quantity: 16

Our Matching LD9 Steel Retainer must be used with these springs

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