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Part Details JP0709

Part Details JP0709

JP0709 - JBP Camber Plate Kit [HHR/G5/COBALT]
Price: [$362 (US$343.90)]
Once only available with the JBP Straffes-Drehend Coilover kit, Now you can have adjustable camber with the stock suspension of your car!

This kit is a definite must for people with lowering springs as the camber has deflected from stock and needs to be corrected easily with our plates. Need more grip? Add some negative camber to increase traction in turns!

The plates are made out of T-6061 aluminum. Mounting to the body is performed with stainless steel bolts. The adjuster bolts are Grade 8 steel. The stock MacPherson strut needs 19mm of material removed for proper thread engagement.

The stock plastic caged bearing is ditched and replaced with a heavy-duty separable race/cage thrust bearing. The stock stamped steel spring hat is replaced with our unit. Radial loads on this bearing make it impervious to anything a road-course will throw at it.

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