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Part Details JP0771

Part Details JP0771

JP0771 - JBP T304 Stainless Steel Pushrod Guide Plates [2.2L LN2]
Price: [$285 (US$276.45)]
The only custom T304 stainless steel guide plate available on the market for the 2.2L LN2. These pieces are stronger than the stock unit and stainless for superior corrosion resistance.

This is a must for any 1998-2002 customer who owns a 2.2L and wishes to run roller rockers. (as the stock head doesn't have the provision for pushrod guide plates).

For 1995-1997 customers, an upgrade to our pushrod guide plates is recommend for the added benefit of longevity and durability to the pushrod assembly.

Our guide plates come with extra "meat" on the pushrod locater ends for those who still want to customize the guide plate for radical camshaft profiles or valve train geometry.

Price is for qty. of 4

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