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Part Details JP0877

Part Details JP0877

JP0877 - JBP Custom Stainless Steel Brake Lines [Cobalt/Redline] [Rear]
Price: [$114.708 (US$108.97)]
JBP Introduces its new line of Stainless Steel brake lines for the Cobalt SS/Sedan. There's blue, gold, red, silver and stainless colors to choose from. Fitting joint support feature allows hose to substantially last longer. Materials used allow high operation temperature. Every hose pressure tested to 3000psi. No adpaters needed, fit your Cobalt precisely. Independant (USA) DOT compliance test results available upon request. Braided hose is custom made, with 1-day turn around. Fittings made with carbon steel (survives 300-hour salt spray test). Reduces braking distance to stop. Eliminates brake pedal sponginess under heavy braking. Gives immediate brake pedal response. Provides compatibility with all brake fluids.

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