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Part Details JP0907

Part Details JP0907

JP0907 - JBP Vortex Cold Air Intake Kit
Price: [$328.9 (US$312.46)]
The most important thing about your supercharged 2.0L Cobalt is air delivery. That supercharger is literally "sucking through a straw" with the stock air box setup. Several manufacturers have intakes out. We intended ours to be cut above the rest. Sound, Performance, Looks and best of all Price. Our Patent Pending Vortex induction design, literally twists the air coming into the supercharger, for better air distribution between the blades of the blower. We guarantee satisfaction with this product! We've redesigned our intake for even more power gains! It comes in a high-gloss black powder coated finish and includes our mirror-finished engraved logo. Our intake is made out of light weight 6061 aluminum and 2-piece construction for super-easy installation. Includes Funnel Air Filter. The intake is 3.0" all the way from the filter to the throttle body. Theres no Check Engine Lights with our intake either. Just give the ECM about 20 minutes of driving to accomodate for the added component. After this interval, you'll notice a huge increase in power. Choose from: Red or Blue. For your silicon sleeve colour. Black available on special order.

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