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Part Details JP0916

Part Details JP0916

JP0916 - JBP Mild Performance Crate Engine [LSJ]
Price: [$2693 (US$2558.35)]
Since the introduction of the ECOTEC back in 2002. JBP has been squeezing every ounce of power from our two flavours of crate engines available for the ECOTEC. In our Mild kit, get everything necessary to produce a 300WHP capable build. JBP performs block tricks that include oil passage modification and chamfering to vital rotation assembly components.

Our JBP signature crate engines are all signed off by Greg Mohos; a seasoned vetran in engine design and manufacturing. Having over 30+ years experience in engine building, he brings to JBP an unsubstantied view of engine assembly.

Each engine is then maticulously inspected by Mev Talundzic, owner and operator, and finally shipped to you, crated and ready to roll. The final result is the pinnacle of perfection and the best that money can buy for your crate engine kit.

The point we're driving home is that all work and assembly is performed in-house at JBP with our full machine shop. At JBP, we strive to bring the best quality product, which is why we've engineered our own Deck Plates for honing/boring, bringing ultra-high precision to your engine.


- JBP/Wiseco Forged Aluminum Piston Kit
(Desired Compression Ratios:
10.0:1, 9.5:1, 8.5:1 or 8.0:1)
(Desired Bore Sizes:
Standard Bore, 0.020", 0.040")
- Total Seal Gapless Piston Ring Kit
- Wiseco Thick Walled Piston Pins
- Wiseco Spirolox
- JBP Sportsman Connecting Rods w/ARP Rod Bolts
- GM Production Main Bearings
- GM Production Connecting Rod Bearings
- GM Production Balance Shaft Bearings
- GM Production Engine Gasket Set
- GM Production Conversion Set
- JBP Strengthened Crankshaft


- Full Block Prep.
(Wash, Degrease, Hot Tank, Deglaze, Over Boring (if required))
- Full Balance on Rotation Assembly
- Align Hone Main Journals
- Deck Block
- Chamfer Returns
- Bottom-End Assembly
- Bore/Hone w/JBP Deck Plate
- Final wash and dress
- Block tricks on oil galleries
- Greg Mohos; Signature Block

Let's face it, are you going to have your engine built by a virgin machine shop that's never done an ECOTEC before? We've accumulated the knowledge by colaborating with the best in the business:GM Performance Division, Bates Engineering and using our own techniques to bring you ECOTEC engines that are superior in quality and engineering. This enables us to give you the true scenario: "We've got you covered".

A shipping quote can be obtained by clicking the 'buy' button and entering all of your

Disclaimer: JBP supplies you with a core that has been thoroughly inspected for defects. We expect a core with "reasonable wear" and without damaged internal components, (connecting rods, pistons, cylinder walls and/or crankshaft). If a damaged block is received, additional charges will be applied to bring the block up to JBP specifications.

JBP works on a "core exchange system". This eliminates core charges. We ship you your replacement engine, upon receipt of your old engine. If this does not fit your schedule or your preference. Please contact JBP to purchase "out-right" a core and to find out more information concerning this procedure.

There is no warranty against any performance engine. Our freight company will warranty the engine against damage incured during shipping only. For a quotation on shipping, please click 'buy' and enter in your address details.

Please allow 1 to 2 months for your engine to be constructed.

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