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Part Details JP0928

Part Details JP0928

JP0928 - JBP Ported M62 Eatons Supercharger
Price: [$684.2 (US$649.99)]
The M62 Supercharger has been sand casted from the factory. This provides a non-pourous surface with casting flashes and sharp edges. What this means is that turbulance and air flow dynamics is interupted.

Our skilled porting team has offered a port matched M62 Supercharger with radiused egdes to provide non-turbulant air flow. Porting your supercharger is not like porting your cylinder head, it requires special tools to ensure aluminum filings are not introduced into the inner working of the supercharger itself. Also, it is imperative that intake runners are not too smooth.

We know just the right combination to provide maximum gains. With over 80 different burr tools, blending bits and abrasive rolls, JBP will ensure power gains that are unforseen from our competators.

Customer must provide supercharger for porting. Two good cores are typically in stock continuously, this reduces turn around time. Next Day Air available for addition charge.

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