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Part Details JP0982

Part Details JP0982

JP0982 - JBP Eatons' Supercharger Rebuild [Mxx Series]
Price: [$977.9 (US$929.01)]
Yes we do supercharger rebuilds! Having specialized modification of Eatons' line type blowers for years, many are suprised at the fact that JBP does super charger rebuilds.

Each supercharger is carefully disassembled, inspected and gauged for machining and rebuilding. Only JBP has the proper tooling, parts and most of all, know-how for the M-Series of superchargers found on most GM FWD applications.

Why spend thousands when you can get the years of expertise offered with JBP supercharger rebuilds?

Every piece is rebuild. Bearings, casing, impellers and nose cone. All our superchargers get a new super-chrome finish ceramic coating. This doubles the life of the of the original supercharger AND keeps vital parts from seeing heat produced by the supercharger!

Check out our porting service to function in combination with our rebuild!

Worn impeller blades

Bearings Shot

Scored Impeller Housing

New impeller blade surface

New Bearings and Resurfaced impeller housing

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